Posted by: skatecoverage | March 30, 2008

Which Skateboard Magazine Advertises Itself The Most and Gives Itself The Most Coverage?

In this entry we’re looking at stats from the top 5 domestic magazines in North America: Thrasher, Slap, The Skateboard Mag, Skateboarder and Transworld Skateboarding. The graphs below reflect the month of April 2008 (cover date) and show how the magazines stack up against each other in advertising and editorial coverage within their own publication. In the end, what does it all mean? Well, if you are an advertiser, how do you feel about competing with the publication that you are advertising in for your company’s ability to stand out? It boils down to this: competing with the publication you decide to advertise in is simply one factor to consider. There are other positive factors to consider as well… circulation, pass along rate, the number of subscribers and more. Just something to think about. All coverage rankings are derived from using proprietary state-of-the-art software. Inspired by founders of Independent Trucks!

April Combined Advertising and Editorial Media Rankings

April Media Advertising Rankings

April Media Editorial Rankings

1st Place Thrasher Magazine: Out of all the magazines, Thrasher is consistently the top advertiser in it’s own magazine and also consistently ranks high in editorial and visible logo coverage. As you can see here, Thrasher is ranked #1 in their own magazine for combined ad and editorial coverage for the month of April. Thrasher’s ranking does not take into consideration the ads run for Slap and Juxtapoz, even though they are also High Speed Productions.

2nd Place Transworld Skateboarding:

3rd Place Slap Magazine

4th Place Skateboarder

5th Place The Skateboard Mag


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