Print Media Monitoring and Analysis

Skatecoverage.com- – the predominant print media monitoring service with the coverage reports and analysis you want, the way you want it.

At Skatecoverage.com we monitor, analyze and produce statistics on the five leading, domestic magazines (Transworld Skateboarding, Thrasher Magazine, The Skateboard Mag, Skateboarder and Slap Magazine). We then deliver the statistics and data as coverage reports to our clients online, by email or by post.

Our staff understands your media monitoring requirements because they live and breathe skateboarding just like you do.

Unlike traditional press clipping services, which often focus on newspapers and other less relevant media distribution channels, Skatecoverage.com analyzes the media that is most important to you and your consumer. As the skateboarding industry’s leading print media monitoring company, we understand what brands look for in the magazines in which they receive coverage. Our staff recognizes the subtle distinctions of your media monitoring needs when it comes to keeping track of sponsored skaters, visible logos, brand name recognition and more.

We take pride in making sure that each and every one of our clients receives specialized attention from an account manager to meet your media monitoring goals.

Have your latest coverage reports delivered to you monthly – online or any way that you want.

At Skatecoverage.com we believe that managing and monitoring your media shouldn’t be an additional job for your team manager, marketing department and certainly not the responsibility of an intern. Advertising costs a significant sum of money, as does producing tour articles, team rider interviews, product reviews and other sources of editorial coverage. Is this extremely valuable job something that your brand can afford to have as a side project? Will these already dedicated and busy employees have the time to monitor what your direct competitors are doing as well? This is where our online solution comes into play. Gone are the days of tabbing magazines when hours of valuable time and resources could better be spent elsewhere. Our online media coverage delivery platform puts your, as well as your direct competitors’, coverage reports, analytics and statistics at your fingertips.

Level the playing field by seeing how you stack up against other brands and individuals.

Now that you’ve figured out how to budget and manage your print media campaign, how will you go about measuring the success of your efforts? Can you really afford to wait and see how your print media advertising campaign is affecting your bottom line? If you have no way of finding out whether or not your print media initiatives are working, then you’ll have no way to make adjustments and plan for the future. What you need is correct and insightful analysis of your print media campaign, as well as that same information about your direct competition.

With Skatecoverage.com’s statistics and analytics, we give you the insight that you need to determine the results that you want to know. We’ll also give you the ability to quickly see how your coverage stacks up against the competition – overall and by brand category.

Comparative analytics and statistics delivered monthly are just some of the many perks offered to Skatecoverage.com clients. Secure and password protected, Skatecoverage.com is guaranteed to make monitoring coverage, calculating ROI, paying out photo incentives, meeting preparation, as well as a multitude of other tasks easier and faster than ever before.


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